Integrated Pellet Systems partnered with Sealander Installation Hydraulique Ltee. and RE Community, an industry leader in recycled material management and renewable fuel research, to produce pelletizing equipment suitable for processing pellets from:

-municiple solid waste, industrial process waste wood streams, and renewable grasses

Our Canadian research facility has successfully pelletized such diverse waste streams as paper, plastic, wood, straw, switchgrass, hay, beet roots and sugar cane .

We can assist clients in researching various pellet mill processes, as well as, BTU, density, and chemical analysis of specific pellets formulation. 


Benefits of pellets made by our press:


  • strong and tight
  • no-waste process
  • no additional binders other than water
  • up to five times higher energy value than raw not pressed material simpler maintenance
  • longer possibility to store pellets without the threat of decay takes up less space
  • suitable for use in communal services and private homes
  • long burning time
  • low ash content
  • convenient to use
  • convenient transportation
Pellets are used as:


  • combined heat and power (CHP) for the heat supply districts
  • boiler housing and communal services
  • in cauldrons and fireplaces for heating of private houses
  • bedding in the stables, farms
  • fortified feed for farm animals
  • amplifier of the fertilizer
  • absorbent for the toilet domestic animals
  • absorbent for industrial filters
  • to collect and remove oil from the surface of the ground and water when they spill for the production of heat-insulating building materials
  • for the production of porous bricks.

The burning of biomass pellets causes zero CO2 emission. This is due to the fact that the plant, during its growth, absorbs as much carbon dioxide, as is fed into the atmosphere during burning. The ash from burning pellets can be used as a mineral fertilizer, due to its high content of elements vital for plant growth.

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