The pellet mill OGM-1.5 is key to a successful business for pellet production.  There are numerous advantages to creating pellets from diverse materials: pellets are easier to store and more stable during storage; reduction in transportation cost due to high bulk density; the ability to vary the pellets composition in a controlled form; and having a homogeneous pellet.

System Consists of the following components:


  • Press, batcher, mixer (with dosing system) Stainless Steel Pellet Millogm1 5a 2
  • Screw transporter
  • Storage silo
  • Elevator
  • Cooler, sorter
  • Cyclone, ventilator
  • EKO Filter
  • Control panel
Process Description

Sized feedstock is transported by the screw conveyor into the silo then to the batcher and gradually to the mixer.  At this point, water or steam can be added to achieve required moisture for pelletization.   From the mixer the feedstock enters the press.  The pellets are then carried to the cooler.  Evaporating the moisture and cooling the pellets to room temperature allows for a firm pellet for storage and transportation.  The cooled pellets are then separated in the sorter, good quality pellets are sent for packing and fines are sent to the cyclone and reintroduced into the system for processing.  Dust generated through the prosess is collected by the EKO filtration and can be reintroduced as well.



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