For the first time, we have taken the four modules needed to create standardized pellets and incorporated them into a single steel, self-supporting structure without the need for millwrights on location.  The OGM 1.5-Modular is completely assembled here at our factory.  It is tested and operated then disassembled to be shipped to the customer.  The system is designed for commissioning and operating with a minimum of vendors and infrastructure required at the site. The OGM-1.5 can be easily repaired on site because of our modular design.  The system is easily financeable due to its mobility and ease of set up. 

Modular Pellet MillModulr Pellet System Drawing

Process Description 

Feedstock is transported through the screw conveyor to the storage silo.  The screw conveyor has additional entry ports for adding ingredients for specialized mixes.  From the silo with agitationeliquids and steam can be added for optimum moisture content for pelletization.  From metering screw to pellet press.  The length of the pellets can be determined from inside the mill.  The bucket elevator then carries the pellets to the cooler.  From the cooler a separator recovers the fines and dust to reintroduce them into the system.  The final production pellets are transported by belt conveyor to the bulk bag loading system equipped with a scale.  We have incorporated the best known equipment for maintaining a good working environment and safety protection including dust and particle recovery cyclones and EKO filter systems.  The entire system can be remotely monitored via internet.  A number of pellet presses can be placed in parallel to be monitored by a single control system.  Control system can be operated in English, French and Spanish.

System consists of the following Modules:

OGM-1.5 with Control Panel

Storage Silo


Cooler and Screw Conveyor

Fine Recovery

Dust Collection

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