Straw Shredding and Pelletizing System is designed to shred various types of straw and produce pellets for automate large boiler-rooms, combined heat and power (CHP) for the heat supply districts and individual consumer’s trade, also for animal bedding.
It is very important to have high-quality, dry, clean material for straw pellets production. Recommended straw moisture level is up to 14%.
Pellet production does not require additional binder (except water or humidity from straw).

System Includes:
  • Transporter for straw bales (round, quadrate, diameter up to 1800 mm) Shredder/ Crusher.SSGL-Gabaritai
  • Hammer mill with stone catcher.
  • Cyclones with sluice gates.
  • Air filtration equipment.
  • Electricity control boxes (2 units).
  • Pellet press OGM-1, 5A (equipment set) Packing into Big Bags equipment.
  • EKO filters
Production Process:

Straw bales, with the help of transporter, come to the shredder. There they are shredded to 10-90mm length pieces. Through the stone catcher, shredded material is delivered to the hammer mill by a screw transporter. It grinds the material to 1-3 mm fraction and blows it into the cyclone-settler. Dust goes out from the cyclones to the air filtration equipment. From the cyclone-settler, grinded straw enter screw transporter, then bunker, from which, through batcher and mixer - to the pellet press OGM-1,5A. Material, with the help of the rollers, is pressed through the rotating ring die(matrix) holes and pellets are formed. On the outer side of the ring die, a knife cut off the pellets at the desired length. After extrusion pellets reach 90-100°C temperature and are transported into the cooler, where their temperature goes down to 25°C. This sets up the lignin and hardens the product, and contributes to maintain its quality during storage and handling. Finally it is screened, so as to separate the residual fines which are generally re-used in the process. Dust free pellets are then ready for storage, fed into the packaging equipment and packed in to big bags (600-1200 kg).

Other information:
  • Straw shredding and pellet producing equipment set installed capacity does not exceed 200 kW.
  • Straw shredding and pellet producing equipment set has got national certificate in 21/03/2011. The Straw Crushing line SSL –1 was issued Equivalent Certificate Nr. 0735.
  • Pellet press OGM-1,5A has got national certificate in 27/04/2011 . Equivalent Certificate Nr.0750 for the pellet press OGM-1,5A was issued. Laboratories have observed straw pellets calorific value - 4111 Kcal/kg, density – 610,7 kg/m³.
  • The records are matching wood pellets calorific value and density.

Recommended room’s characteristics for the straw shredding and pellet producing equipment set:
Rooms for the straw storage has to be covered, must have entrance, which width is not less than 3000 mm, height – 4000 mm. The dimensions of the building, required for SSGL-1 installation, if the equipment is installed in one line: Length – 24 m, Width – 8 m, Height – 6 m

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