Our Products are a result of over 10,000 delivered systems over the past 30 years throughout the world.


We offer a complete conversion systems from feedstock to pellet.

Our equipment will give your operation the tools needed to respond to market opportunities with a timely and affordable solution.

The workhorse of our system is the OGM 1.5 and is offered with an optional all material contact surfaces in Stainless steel for easy cleaning and durability with high PH materials for food grade and pharmaceutical applications

Complete System II


In locations where infrastructure is a problem or opportunities are short term we also offer a completely modular system that can be relocated and installed just about anywhere. It is a solution for value adding to an existing waste stream that can be marketed in pellet form.

We offer systems with 2 and 4 mills sharing our common feeding and collection equipment for higher output and scale requirements.

Look at our higher capacity OGM -2 if solutions where up to 10 ton per hour production is required.

The Correct Tools

  • Simple and transparent cost for equipment and commissioning
  • A Complete pelletizing system consisting of preassembled tested modules
  • No expensive site work or infrastructure cost.  The system is designed for a simple cement pad and a temporary structure
  • The modular pellet factory can be quickly located near the feedstock source
  • The system can be easily relocated using standard ISO containers
  • Scalable in hourly tonnage production using multiple modular units
  • Rapid assembly time
  • Financeable – Unit holds value – Asset can be relocated
  • Experience in successfully pelletizing hundreds of different types of materials.


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