JSC Radviliskis Machine Factory was established in 1949. The factory is located in Radviliskis, Lithuania, an industrial city and railroad center 350 miles south east of Stockholm, Sweden and 90 miles south west of the Capital City of Riga, Latvia. Radviliskis has a diverse and industrious population of 20,000 people mainly employed in the manufacture of agricultural pellet machine equipment, metal processing, glass, garment and linen, rail road locomotive and rolling stock depots and repair facilities.


gamyklos fotoSince 1975 the Radviliskis Machine Factory has produced over 10,000 pellet presses, starting with the first pellet models for combined fodder processing. Our newest pellet mahine model, OGM-1.5A, is capable of producing pellets from various materials, such as sawdust, straw, fiber, plastics, peat, concrete and more. Our factory is capable of manufacturing more than 100 units of OGM pellet presses per month. In addition to our pellet presses and agricultural harvesting equipment, we have an equipment support division which enables the factory to manufacture equipment for materials transport, mixing and storing, including belt and screw conveyors, mixers, and storage bunkers. In short, all the equipment necessary for a modern production facility.



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